4 Different Types of Decks to Enhance your Outdoor Living Space

Renovations on outdoor living spaces have become more common since the start of the pandemic as families spend more time utilizing their outdoor space at home. An integral part of an outdoor living remodel is choosing a type of deck, where you can entertain, dine, and spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Decks can transform any backyard space and provide an indoor-outdoor area for your family and guests to utilize, encouraging you to spend more time outside. If you’re considering adding decking as part of your fixer upper remodel, use these ideas as inspiration to get you started.

Attached Deck

An attached deck is an extension of your home, providing a good flow between the inside and outside. Attached decks are built right off of your home and can be accessed through a sliding door. The size and shape of an attached deck is up to you, depending on the amount of space you have to work with and your design goals.

Detached Deck

Detached decks can be accessed via a pathway, stairs or a walkway and are built away from the house. Detached decks are usually built on properties with drainage issues. The detached deck can be designed with landscaping around it to make it look lusher and more inviting.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks can be placed outside of bedrooms on the second or third floor to expand upon on the living space. They’re similar to porches but are usually more elevated and have both small and large parts that provide more square footage as it wraps around the house.

Multilevel Deck

Multilevel decks are the largest decks and used with a lot of outdoor space available. They span two or three floors, separated by flights of stairs. The different levels of your multilevel deck can offer different functions, such as a dining space, play area for kids or an outdoor kitchen.


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