6 Ideas for a Flex Space in Your New Home

When renovating your fixer upper home into your forever home, your new home might have a flex space in the form of an extra room, a basement, or a spacious loft. If you’re unsure how to design your flex space but want to take full advantage of it being a multi-purpose space, read on for ideas.

The first step in designing your flex space is to brainstorm what your home is lacking, or what your needs are in a new space or room. Your needs for a flex space might change as you go through different phases of your life, such as welcoming a baby, aging, becoming grandparents, or retiring.

Below are 6 ideas for a flex space in your new home.


Playrooms or rooms dedicated to doing homework or reading are a great way to use a flex space because it can easily change as your kids grow older, depending on their needs. When they’re younger, playrooms can house all their toys, games and books, and as they get older, you can replace the toys with tables and chairs, desks, or create a reading nook.


There’s no denying there’s a growing need for home offices. Much of the workforce has transitioned into working remotely at least part of the time, which means a dedicated workspace at home is needed for maximum productivity. It’s easy to use your flex space for a home office no matter the size of the space you’re working with.

Craft Room

Craft rooms offer dedicated spaces for crafty people to be as creative as they’d like. Using a flex space for a craft room can easily be changed. If it needs to be switched out in a few years, you can easily do so. Craft rooms allow for all your art supplies and projects to be stored and organized in one convenient place.

Entertainment Room

Entertainment rooms can serve many purposes, and can cater to the adults in the house, teenagers, or small children. From big projector screens to watch movies on as a family, to a built-in bar, to pool tables and other games, using your flex space for an entertainment room is a nice use of the extra space.

Home Gym

Home gyms make working out much more convenient, eliminating the need to commute to the local gym or yoga studio. With all your equipment right at home, working out more consistently is possible.


For the avid readers in the family, libraries can be used as a quiet and cozy space in the house to read. It can also house your collection of books on open shelves so they’re easier to choose. Place a couch or some soft chairs in the library for extra comfort.


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