6 Patio Options for your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces have become equally as important to homeowners as the interior of the home. Having a finished patio in your outdoor living space can increase the home’s overall value and provide a relaxing oasis for your family to enjoy when weather permits. Extending your living space outdoors has become more than just trendy, it has become a lifestyle.

From fully covered patios to sun decks, there are a wide variety of patio designs to choose from when designing your new construction home. Patios are the perfect place to entertain family and friends, so browse these patio options for your outdoor living space for ideas.

Fully Covered Patio

Fully covered patios offer protection from weather elements like rain and the blazing hot sun. The cover makes the outdoor living space feel like a transitional space that can easily replicate indoor living rooms. It’s nice to feel like you’re sitting outside but still enjoy shade.

Sun Deck

Sun decks have no covering and are completely exposed to the outdoors. This type of patio is perfect for warmer months, for families to enjoy soaking up the sun and barbequing. Popular decking materials to use on your sun deck range from wood to composite materials.

Partially Covered Patio

Partially covered patios provide the best of both worlds. If you prefer to sit in the sun you have a portion of the deck to do so, but if shelter is needed it’s just a few steps away. Partially covered patios allows you to both enjoy the sun and eat or relax in the shade when you want.

Patio/Deck Combination

Patio/deck combinations are ground level decks that transition into hardscapes like patio pavers. They are each their own space, but they are cohesive enough where they flow into each other.

Patio with Screened-In Porch

For the most protection from the outdoor elements, a screened-in porch is the way to go. A screened-in porch or sun room allows for a seamless indoor-outdoor living space that provides all the comforts of the indoors but is half outdoors as well.


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