6 Ways to Customize your Fixer Upper Home

When buying a fixer upper, you have the unique opportunity to design it to your exact personal taste. When making home renovations, knowing the right areas of the home to invest your money into can be a guessing game.

Renovation Realty provides a one stop shopping experience while balancing budget and finishes for your lifestyle. We can steer you in the right direction of what to choose to customize your fixer upper to the dream home you’ve always wanted.

If you’re unsure of where to start, below are six home renovations that will customize your fixer upper to turn it into a beautiful forever home for your family.

Curb Appeal

Even small upgrades to your home’s curb appeal can go a long way. The exterior of the home says a lot about the home, and acts as a reflection of what the interior looks like. A coat of exterior paint, landscaping and updated porch area will make your home look warm and inviting.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades are a favorite amongst homeowners. Even small upgrades to the kitchen, such as painting the cabinets or switching out the fixtures, can make a big impact. If a large kitchen renovation is in the budget, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design.


New paint can provide a dramatic reveal. Fresh interior paint can make a home look new again, especially neutral colors that don’t compete with the rest of the interior design of the rooms. Make your home look larger than it is with lighter paint.

Update Fixtures

Updating the fixtures of the home is a great place to start when it comes to home renovations to a fixer upper. From bathroom hardware to kitchen faucets, updating the fixtures can make an old home look shiny and new again.


Updating the flooring of a fixer upper will completely change the look of the interior. Wood floors can make a substantial difference, even vinyl flooring that looks very similar to wood. Our designers can help choose the stain that best suits your personal taste.

Replace Windows

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows are an investment upfront, but they will save you money on your electric bills each month. New windows will keep the home more insulated and make the temperature feel more comfortable inside as well.


Our qualified professional remodeling team can assist you in creating the home of your dreams on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. We are your local realtor, designer and contractor of choice in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on our Long Island-based remodeling contractors, book an appointment today!


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