Factors That Impact ‘Good Location’ in Real Estate

Location is one of the most important aspects of real estate, impacting the property value and resale value of your home, but most importantly giving your family the chance to live somewhere you love.

“Location, location, location” is the driving force behind all of our fixer upper projects, the backbone of what makes each project successful. The only thing you can’t change about a home is its location, everything else can be changed. So what exactly makes a location desirable? Below we will explore the factors that impact ‘good location’ in real estate.


Desirable neighborhoods establish that a home is in a good location. Although it will ultimately come down to personal preference, a few factors of a nice neighborhood are amenities, convenience to grocery stores or other shops you frequent, safety and security, accessibility to highways, and appearance such as nice landscaping. A neighborhood’s desirability is always revealed by how long houses in the neighborhood sit on the market, or how fast they sell.


Homes that are considered to be in a good location are typically in school zones with highly rated public schools. Families who have children or who plan to have children in their future are always concerned with the school system, some families will only look for houses in a location of a school district they like.

Crime Rate

Areas with low crime rates are full of safe neighborhoods that are desirable to homeowners. Some people prefer gated communities that offer an extra layer of security, and some are satisfied with the overall reputation of the area and its low crime activity.

Lot Location

Where your lot is located within your neighborhood has a lot to do with a home’s ‘good location’ standing. Houses located on busy roads or close to highways are often harder to sell because of the noise level, especially during high traffic times of the day.


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