Finishing Touches That Will Personalize your Fixer Upper

Once your new home construction is finished, your fixer upper home will be ready for move-in and all the hard work planning and designing your dream home will be completed. Once it’s move-in ready, the house will be set up for the finishing touches that will really add a personal touch to the home.

Putting finishing touches on the home is an exciting time in the home remodeling process. Moving into the house can feel like a blur, it’s a busy time with a lot of moving parts. However, the weeks before moving in is a perfect time to think about your new home’s finishing touches.

Below are ideas for finishing touches that will personalize your fixer upper.


Once you start looking into hardware like cabinet handles, knobs and drawer pulls, you will see that the options are seemingly endless. With so much variety out there, you can make your mark on your new home by personalizing the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the hardware of your choice.

Paint Colors

No matter when the paint color was decided upon in the home construction or design process, the paint color is one of the last parts of home building and remodeling to get done inside the house before the furniture comes in. Paint colors are a personal choice, and the colors you choose will reflect your personal taste and style.


Lighting is another final touch that personalizes your fixer upper home. From dramatic statement pieces for your entry or dining room, to the typical recessed lights in your main areas, there are many lighting decisions to make for your new home.


There is plenty of variety when it comes to choosing countertop materials for the kitchen and bathroom. Personalizing your kitchen to fit your design style is a finishing touch that makes a big impact on the overall design of the home.


Décor can be chosen even after you move in, so this is usually the last step of the design process. Once the paint color is chosen, along with flooring, kitchen countertops and cabinets, and furniture is in, you can have fun with the décor for the ultimate finishing touch that will transform your home from rehab-ready to a forever home.


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