How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Curb Appeal

Homeowners are always looking for ways to enhance curb appeal, and outdoor lighting can make an impressive statement when it comes to your home’s exterior. Not only will outdoor lighting make it dazzle at night, but it also increases the safety and security of the home.

We know how many details go into the planning and designing of your fixer upper home, making sure no detail is overlooked. When designing the home’s exterior, consider adding landscape lighting to highlight certain features of the home while distracting from others.

Avoid any tripping accidents by illuminating all pathways, walkways, and driveways. At night, it’s safer to walk into the house when it’s well lit. Motion detecting lights can not only help guide you at night when needed, but it can also increase the security of your home by warding off intruders.

Another way to use outdoor lighting to increase the curb appeal of your home is by using uplights to highlight your front yard landscaping. This type of decorative lighting showcases plants, flowers and bushes in an elegant way and makes your home look more appealing at night. In fact, outdoor lighting should be a large part of your home’s landscape design.

Porch lighting is of the utmost importance to make your guests feel comfortable approaching your front door, while giving yourself enough light to get your key out and let yourself in when it’s dark outside.

Overall, using outdoor lighting can make your home stand out, can be great for resale value and can deter unwanted intruders at night. Consider carefully planning out your outdoor lighting when designing your fixer upper with Renovation Realty.


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