Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Give your New Kitchen a Pop

There are several important design decisions that go into your kitchen remodel or new build, with kitchen cabinets being at the forefront. The color of your kitchen cabinets will set the design tone for the room, with cabinets being one of the first things guests notice when they walk in.

Homeowners can never go wrong with classic white or brown cabinets, but we have some tips if you’re looking for something a little different. If you don’t want to commit to a color for all kitchen cabinets, consider only doing the island. That will give your kitchen a classic style, mixed with a pop of color as an accent piece.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey cabinets are as close to a neutral as it gets, but it’s not your usual kitchen cabinet color. Mixing white with grey is a popular choice, giving the kitchen a subtle pop.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

There are many shades of blue that we’ve seen homeowners ask for in kitchen cabinet design. From dark blues like navy to lighter blues like baby blue, experiment with blue cabinets for a calming effect in the kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black is a dramatic choice for kitchen cabinets, so using it for just the kitchen island is more common. Again, pairing it with white can offset the boldness.

Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets

Mint green is a beautiful color and when paired with brass hardware, gives off both a vintage design theme. Cohesive floor color, backsplash and appliances will all need to be decided on so the kitchen doesn’t become overwhelmed with green.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Go bold with a cheerful and bright yellow color for your kitchen cabinets. It’s not your typical cabinet color and it will surely make a lasting impression. Yellow is often synonymous with happiness.

Not only can homeowners play with kitchen cabinet color, but they can also play around with different finishes for kitchen cabinets. From high gloss to matte, talk to our design experts to create the kitchen of your dreams.


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