Renovations to Complete Before Moving In

The debate over doing renovations before moving in or not has valid arguments on each side, but there are certain renovations that can’t be done while living in the house. Doing the major renovations before moving into your new home will ensure no disruptions on your life once settled in, no damage to furniture and a brand new, finished home with no projects to complete once it’s time to move in.

Doing renovations before moving in also means your contractors won’t need to work around your schedule since you’re not in the house yet, so the renovation process can be sped up. Get your renovations done and out of the way so that you can move right into your dream home exactly the way you envisioned it would be.

Below are the major renovations to complete before moving into your new home.


Floor installation is a major home renovation that will be a nuisance if your family is living there. Dirt and debris can be bothersome and moving your furniture around can be a hassle as well. Whether installing new floors or refinishing the old ones, get this project out of the way before moving in.


Many homeowners paint before moving into their new home either because they want a new paint color, or the paint needs a refresh. New paint can make a big impact on a home for a small price tag. However, it’s best to paint before moving in because of the possible harmful chemicals.


Imagine living in a home without the use of the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the main gathering points of the home, not to mention it’s needed for preparing meals. Do your kitchen renovations before moving in to save yourself a lot of headaches.


Without working bathrooms, there’s no way to fully enjoy moving into your new home. Bathroom remodels can range from cosmetic remodels to plumbing, but they should be completed before move-in day.

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