Should You Buy a Fixer Upper or Buy New?

When it’s time for a new home, many homeowners find themselves at a crossroads between buying a new home or going the fixer upper route. Renovation Realty can make this an easy decision for you with our redesigned home buying process.

Renovation Realty can find the perfect rehab-ready home and turn it into your dream home in just three easy steps. Finding the perfect location is the first step in finding a fixer upper, because everything else can be changed about a house except for its location. Your forever home is only a renovation away.

The real estate market can be difficult to navigate, especially in a seller’s market. From bidding wars to rising real estate prices, it can be a daunting process that drags on for far too long. When choosing to buy a fixer upper, you can get the home you want, and the amenities you need, in the ideal location. All at a price you can afford.

Are you asking yourself the question of whether to buy a fixer upper or buy new? Keep these considerations in the back of your mind. If you buy a house available on the real estate market, the price can be unpredictable when factoring in spending extra money to customize it, a potential bidding war, and other unforeseen costs. When buying a fixer upper with the help of Renovation Realty, you get a home that’s better than new and you get to set the budget from the start.

Our partner, Distinctive Designs, has a private showroom that consists of 1000’s of tile selections, cabinetry choices, countertop samples, flooring and all the interior and exterior finish selections you will need to make. You can use this showroom as a one-stop-shop to fully customize your new home how you want it.

Buying a fixer upper will check all the boxes on your list and then some, so ditch your real estate search and ask us how to start your fixer upper process today!


Our qualified professional remodeling team can assist you in creating the home remodel of your dreams on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. We are your local realtor, designer and contractor of choice in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on our Long Island-based remodeling contractors, book an appointment today!


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your forever home is a daunting and overwhelming task, involving dozens of professions and services.

By working with ONE TEAM of professionals we are able to simplify, steamline, and provide creative solutions from beginning to end.