The Most Common Home Remodeling Misconceptions Debunked

After finding the perfect rehab-ready home with Renovation Realty, it’s time to get home renovations underway. We want you to be excited about these renovations and not swayed by common negative misconceptions about home renovation.

Before your home renovations begin, browse this list of debunked home remodeling misconceptions so you can have full confidence in the work being done to turn your fixer upper into your forever home.

Home Remodeling Misconception #1: DIY

If you’ve always done DIY projects on your home in the past, it might be tempting to do a lot of your home renovations yourself. We debunk the misconception that doing it yourself is the way to go, and instead urge you to enlist the professionals for these types of home projects. Home renovations to a fixer upper can be a large job that can have expensive repercussions if done incorrectly.

Home Remodeling Misconception #2: Going Over Budget

Not all home remodeling projects will go over budget. When working with a reputable home remodeling team of realtors, designers and contractors, you can trust the professionals to work within the budget you set from the start. With one cohesive team working on the same remodeling project, your fixer upper is in good hands.

Home Remodeling Misconception #3: Unpredictable Timeline

Don’t believe the hype that all home remodeling projects will extend for weeks or even months over your projected finish date. Renovation Realty’s team works hard to meet the timeline expectations we set from the beginning of the project.

Home Remodeling Misconception #4: More Expensive

It’s easy to believe getting a brand new home out of renovating your fixer upper would be more expensive because you’re essentially getting everything you want; location, price, and personal design choices. It’s not too good to be true! We will make a beautiful forever home from the budget you’re most comfortable with and we will stay within that budget.

Home Remodeling Misconception #5: Trendy Design Choices are Best

Trendy design materials, fixtures and colors are great for the current time, but renovating your home with only design features that are popular right now could backfire in the future. Our designers will help you choose a mix of trendy and classic design features that will make your home look amazing for many years to come.


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