Tips for Transforming your Home’s Exterior

The exterior is the first thing people notice about your home, and the first impression always counts. If your home’s exterior is outdated, it gives the impression that the rest of the home will be too.

There are many tweaks to make to the exterior of your home to transform it into a home exterior you can be proud of. From landscaping to switching out windows and doors, below are Renovation Realty’s tips for transforming your home’s exterior.

New Windows or Doors

Changing out your windows or doors can provide a dramatic transformation, taking your home’s exterior from unimpressive to a modern and stylish exterior that makes a nice first impression. If building new, choose exterior windows and doors that are eco-friendly.


Updating the exterior paint color or siding of your home can completely change the way it looks from the outside. A trend we’ve seen with exterior paint is to use a light paint color and dark exterior accents to make your home exterior pop.


Changing the exterior hardware is a subtle way to update your home exterior appearance. From house numbers, to door handles, to modern exterior lights, updating the hardware is a small change that can go a long way.


Landscaping is one of the most time-consuming home exterior updates homeowners can make, but the most worthwhile. Homes with beautiful landscaping create a stunning wow factor for onlookers from the street and family and friends who visit. Maintaining your landscaping to keep up with a lush and clean front yard is just as important.


Exterior lighting will illuminate your home when the sun goes down and create a noticeable home exterior transformation. Solar lights are a green way to light up your home, relying on the power of the sun to charge your lights during the daytime so that they brightly light your home at night.


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