5 Ways to Create a Productive At-Home Study Space for Kids

School restrictions have loosened up when it comes to in-classroom learning following the Coronavirus pandemic, but some schools are still doing a part-time virtual learning from home program. With this new need for more space within the home to give your kids a dedicated room for uninterrupted learning and studying, we have some tips on how to create just that.

Parents have a few options to create an at-home study space for kids. Basement or garage conversions would work well, in addition to extensions or additions to the house. No matter how you choose to create the extra space for learning, each space should have the following features to make it as productive as possible for an educational environment.


Lighting is crucial for productivity, even for kids. A well-lit space promotes productivity and inspiration, whether it’s from natural light or sufficient indoor lights.


Keep the space distraction-free, away from TVs and other screens. A dedicated study space should be located away from the busy parts of the home like the kitchen or the family room, so that when the kids are in there they can focus on the work at hand.


A little personalization goes a long way. Decorate this space with anything that keeps the creative juices flowing and makes your kids want to spend time in this room. Keep the kids inspired by surrounding them with what they like, such as their favorite art pieces or books.

Declutter Often

A home office or at-home study space can easily get cluttered with books, laptops, papers, craft supplies and more, but clutter can lead to unproductive habits. Declutter the space often and get your kids in on helping so that it’s a family effort.

Multi-Purpose Your Space

The at-home study space doesn’t have to be solely for studying. Many people convert unused guest rooms, basements, or even home gyms into a multi-purpose space for virtual learning. As long as the room has all of the features from above, it should serve as a productive space for the kids to use to keep their school routines going strong.


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