Benefits of Including an In-Law Suite with Your New Build

When renovating your forever home with Renovation Realty, you are able to customize your home to fit your every need. One of these needs might be including an in-law suite, which can improve the quality of life for both you and your aging parents.

Careful consideration and planning will go into the decision to move your parents or in-laws into an in-law suite within in your home. There are many factors that go into arriving at this decision, including economic factors and emotional support factors.

Here are the benefits of adding an in-law suite to your newly renovated fixer upper home.

Extra Living Space

You can never go wrong by adding extra living space to your home. If your in-law suite ever becomes vacant, you can use this extra living space for traveling guests, your recent college grad son or daughter, or to rent out to a tenant for extra income.

Emotional Support

Having your parents or in-laws in such close quarters allows you to give them the proper emotional support as they age. It also provides emotional support to your family in return, giving yourself and your children the gift of quality time with parents and grandparents. Multi-generational living provides benefits to the whole family.

Senior Independence

Having independence as an aging senior is invaluable. An in-law suite gives your parents or in-laws the independence and increased comfort they want and need. If it’s no longer an option for them to live alone, you might think the alternative is for them to live at an assisted facility but living with family is a much more desired option.

Improved Quality of Life

In-law suites provide its occupants the privacy they need while staying close to family. In turn, this improves the quality of their life because they get the best of both worlds. Joining families under one roof strengthens your family bond and is often a better financial decision than seeking elder care.


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