How the Experts Find Fixer-Upper Homes to Turn Into Dream Homes

If the idea of turning a fixer upper into your forever home is intriguing, the thought of where to begin might turn those feelings of excitement into wariness. The experts at Renovation Realty can take those fears away, helping every step of the way of finding the right home to remodel into your forever home.

We have a streamlined 3-step process that allows homeowners to sit back and let the experts do the hard work. We first Find your fixer upper in the location of your choice, then Design it with your help and finally Build it into a house you’re proud to call home. But you might be wondering, how exactly do the experts find this hidden gem?

The most crucial part of our process of finding your perfect home is the location. The only aspect of a home you can’t change, no matter how much money you spend, is the location of your home. Everything else can be renovated to your personal taste and needs, all within the budget you create from the beginning. Buying the ugly duckling in a desirable neighborhood has many advantages.

It all depends on budget, but more qualities we look for are homes without too many structural issues, whether the permits needed are able to be obtained, if the financing works out and inspection contingencies.

If the decision is made to gut the entire house and start from scratch, then the only quality of a fixer upper worth focusing on is its location. The bottom line is the location is the most important part of choosing a fixer upper to turn into your forever home. Don’t pay any attention to what the existing house looks like, it will look like a completely different house once the renovations are complete.


Our qualified professional remodeling team can assist you in creating the home of your dreams on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. We are your local realtor, designer and contractor of choice in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on our Long Island-based remodeling contractors, book an appointment today!


The Clear Advantage

Finding, Designing, and Building
your forever home is a daunting and overwhelming task, involving dozens of professions and services.

By working with ONE TEAM of professionals we are able to simplify, steamline, and provide creative solutions from beginning to end.