Turn a Rehab-Ready Home into Your Customized Dream Home

Are you ready for your fixer-upper? Now is the time to create your customized dream home with Renovation Realty.

With so much competition in the real estate market, everyone’s bidding on the same finished homes. Our approach is to buy the ugly duckling home that nobody wants, then our team of experts will work with you to turn it into your forever home.

First we will find the home, located in the best location possible. Then we will design the floor plan that suits your family and select all the finishes that will make up your ideal home. Lastly, Center Island Contracting will bring it all to life. Your home will be better than those finished homes everyone is bidding on, because it’s customized just for you!

These steps towards your new home are simple. We follow a streamlined approach to building the home you’ve always envisioned yourself living in, where you work with one team of experts from start to finish.

Everything is possible when you work with Renovation Realty.


Renovation Realty will find, design and build your forever home on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. We are your local realtor, designer and contractor of choice in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on our Long Island-based remodeling contractors, book an appointment today!


The Clear Advantage

Finding, Designing, and Building
your forever home is a daunting and overwhelming task, involving dozens of professions and services.

By working with ONE TEAM of professionals we are able to simplify, steamline, and provide creative solutions from beginning to end.